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The electric coolant pump is controlled by the engine control module (ECM). Engine load, temperature, operating range and other factors are used by the engine management system (DME) to determine coolant pump operation and speed. The pump also has self-diagnostic capabilities. Fault codes for the following conditions are stored in the ECM and can be used for diagnosis:

  • Pump impeller speed deviation
  • Pump shaft stiffness or obstruction by foreign object
  • Incorrect water / coolant mixture
  • Air the cooling system

On BMW E60 models with the N52 or N54 6-cylinder engine, the coolant pump is an externally mounted electric pump bolted to the right front of the engine block. Using an electric pump (as opposed to the engine-belt-driven variety) helps engine cooling efficiency and longevity, as the pump can operate regardless of whether the engine is running or not and also regardless of engine rpm. For example, a low rate of flow is maintained during cold start situations to help the engine warm up rapidly, while a high flow rate can be used for rapid cool-down, such as when the engine is shut off.

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JIAYANG Electronic Coolant Pump BMW

JIAYANG is the global leader in automotive cooling system motion solutions. The increasing demand for fuel economy improvement and emissions reduction, together with growing HPEV/EV applications, have created the need for more efficient and smarter cooling systems. For powertrain & drivetrain cooling, JIAYANG offers electric coolant pumps with best in class efficiency and reliability for main engine cooling or auxiliary coolant circuits (e.g. battery cooling, cabin heating, etc.).

The electronic coolant pumps serve a function of supplying coolant to other components in thermal management systems. By precisely cooling the target when only necessary, electronic coolant pumps save power consumption and reduce emissions.

JIAYANG’s electronic water pumps are used for the start/stop technology, turbo cooling, engine cooling in the conventional full vehicles, as well cooling batteries, DC/DC converters and power electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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  • The cooling system forms a closed circuit. Its task is to ensure thermal equilibrium in the engine. The cooling liquid absorbs the heat from the engine block and cylinder head and releases it into the ambient air through the radiator.
  • The engine only has ideal operating conditions, with high efficiency, complete combustion and reduced emissions, at optimum temperatures.
  • Standard mechanical water pumps are driven directly by the engine. When the engine is running, they pump coolant continuously – even if cooling is not required.
  • The electrical coolant pump with integrated electronic control system is, however, continuously connected if cooling is required. For cold starts, the electrical coolant pump does not pump to begin with. This enables the engine to reach its operating temperature more quickly.
  • The electric coolant pump is also able to generate sufficient cooling capacity when idling or after the engine is switched off because it is not linked to the engine speed. This on-demand cooling of the engine reduces power requirements whilst also cutting down on frictional loss, fuel consumption and pollutants.
  • Electric coolant pumps make a significant contribution to emission control in modern engines.
  • Electric coolant pumps are affixed outside the engine. The electric motor of the pump is cooled by coolant.
  • Electrically driven coolant pumps work with engine-independent and demand-based operation.
  • On-demand cooling helps to reduce fuel consumption during the cold start phase, and lower exhaust emissions.
  • The speed and delivery rate of the pump are independent of the engine speed, and are regulated by the control unit such that the optimum operating point is always attained.
  • Continuous control through actuation via pulse width modulation (“pulse duty factor”)
  • Delivery rate wholly independent of the engine speed of the vehicle
    Diagnostic capability